Welcome to Saurian Enterprises, Inc

Saurian Enterprises is a small business which specializes in breeding Dart frogs, otherwise known as Poison Dart frogs, or Poison Arrow frogs. We have been breeding frogs and lizards for over fifteen years now, and offer a wide selection of captive bred gems, along with a full line of supplies for the care of Dart Frogs!

In addition to offering a great selection of Dart Frogs and supplies, we also offer a wealth of information on the care, housing and breeding of Dart Frogs. We specialize in getting beginners started with Dart frogs, and with our support, we believe you will find these frogs to be an easy and rewarding hobby! Check out the care sheets, and then let us know how we can help with your selections! Once you have your frogs, we will be available to answer questions or help you troubleshoot issues.

Buying online can be a risky proposition in general, and with live animals in particular it pays to take care who you buy from. I encourage you to check our references before ordering. Ask around. You might also look through the list of over sixty zoos and institutions we have supplied over the years.

The bottom line is this: we want to see you succeed with these frogs, and we will work with you to help make this happen! Thanks for stopping in, and Happy Frogging!

Patrick Nabors
Owner, Saurian Enterprises, Inc.

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