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Spring update, May 2013
By Patrick - Tuesday, May 14 2013 Comment(s): 0  |  Overall Rating:
A bit of information regarding our breeding projects!

So, I've promised to use the news feature on my site before, but this time I mean it....really!   I plan to post here at least once a week, so please keep an eye out for news and updates!
Currently we are still recovering from out move last year, and we are back to normal in many ways.  A couple of things are still not back up to par, such as our selection of sexed pairs of tinctorius, and our Solomon Isle Leaf Frogs.  Overall though, things are on course to have both of these products available again this summer or fall. 
Bright spots at the moment include lots of baby O. pumilio of many different forms, particularly Bastimentos Isle pumilio.  I plan to begin posting these for sale in the store soon!  I've just posted several Drago locale Colon form O. pumilio. 
Other forms of dart frogs are also breeding, and as usual we have a good supply of D. leucomelas, D. azureus (tinctorius) a couple of forms of auratus, and more.  Breeding and tadpoles are working on Highland form D. auratus, and several tinctorius forms, as well as yellow form P. terribilis.
Mossy frogs are selling as fast as we can get them ready, so watch the store, I expect we'll have more of them for sale within ten days. 
Ok, well that's good for a "mini update"...drop me a note if you have questions, and check out the "Buy Dart Frogs" button to shop for these frogs and more!

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