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Cinnamon Frogs!
By Patrick - Sunday, May 26 2013 Comment(s): 0  |  Overall Rating:
Our Cinnamon Frog colony is producing well for us this spring!

The Cinnamon Frogs (Nyctixalus pictus) seem to like the warmer spring temps in my breeding area, and have responded by beginning to lay a steady trickle of eggs.  Cinnamon frogs are small arboreal frogs from Malaysia, and their most striking characteristic is their beautiful red color overlaid by striking white spots.  They have a cool melodic peeping call, the origin of which is curiously difficult to locate. Of course I know where mine are, but when they are calling, the sound seems as if it could be coming from anywhere!
In Malaysia they breed in tree hollows, laying small clutches on the wood on the inside of hollow trees. The eggs hatch and the tads slide into the water to develop.  My little colony produces a few eggs or tadpoles each week, which take about fifty days to turn into frogs about the size of a peanut.   For more information on these frogs, visit their page on the site, here.  Note the links to caresheets and articles at the bottom of the page.  I'd expect the first babies to be available around the first of August, so if you are interested, drop me a line! 

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