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Leaf Frogs hatching! Last Updated: Sunday, June 16 2013
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Our first Solomon Island Leaf frogs are hatching now! 

Our first Solomon Island Leaf frogs are hatching now!  We've got two clutches of frisky but tiny Solomon Island Leaf frog babies bouncing around this week.  These frogs lay eggs which develop directly into tiny froglets. I've been breeding these awesome frogs for many years now, but it never gets old seeing a cup full of the little guys!  A lot of people have trouble with them at this stage, they are fairly delicate, but what they really need is a steady supply of correctly sized food, they go from eating fruit flies to eating small crickets pretty fast, and keeping them on fruit flies is a mistake I see often. To keep them growing they really have to be fed crickets! If offered plenty of food, they grow very rapidly.
These frogs would make a great addition to the biology classroom, there are several interesting science lessons that could be based on these frogs and their natural history. For instance, what forces drove these frogs away from traditional methods of development (tadpoles) and towards direct development? What advantages and disdvantages are there for direct development?   Or why is this species "polymorphic", or found in many different color forms? 

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