Armadillidium sordidum (Punta Cana) (10)

Armadillidium sordidum (Punta Cana) (10)

These delightful little armadillidium are a heap of fun to work with.  There is some question regarding the species, but that is probably nothing for us to worry about, the main thing is that care is fairly simple with these, like most Armadillidium, and the variability is just great.  I've heard them called Jellybean isopods, because of the nice clean appealing colors on some of them, and their smooth shiny carapace just makes them look a little like a jelly bean.  From deep burgundy to black, orange to white, the range of offspring in a colony of these is sure to entertain.  The one in the product image is by no means unusual...some of these are just stunning! 

These can be a good tank clean up crew, they do well in moist conditions and temps in the 70's seem to suit them fine.  Larger individuals are unlikely to be eaten by any dart frog, and they reproduce fairly freely so they can populate a tank, or provide a nice food supplement for your dart frogs or day geckos even.   

Ten juvenile to half grown isopods! 

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