Begonia amphioxus

Begonia amphioxus

Begonia amphioxus is one of the more sought after terrarium plants available. Begonias are known for being flowering plants but this is one plant whose foliage totally outshines the flowers. Amphioxus does tend to grow more vertically, rather than sprawling across the tank floor or forming a short bush. Leaves are around 3 inches long, and can reach larger sizes once the plant gets going.  This is a fairly slow growing plant.  

Please keep in mind that the leaves are delicate and may very well drop or be damaged in shipping.  Unlike the larger round leaf begonias that I've seen, the leaves on this one don't really root that readily when you place them on spaghnum moss, but you can try.  However, I've rarely had a stem of any size fail to generate new growth.  Since you will be getting a potted and established growing plant, while it may arrive a little worse for wear, it should do very well, just plant it in your terrarium in a good spot with good light, and give it a little time to rebound! 

One thing I've noticed with these plants is that when I take a cutting from one of my established plants, I'll pot it up, and it will seem to settle in and I rarely even lose a leaf unless I damage it when I'm moving it.  Two or three weeks later I notice new growth, and then I'll let those leaves establish, maybe for a couple of more weeks,  and then I'll post this plant for sale.  However sometimes I've noticed that even though the plant has been potted for six to eight weeks, and is putting off new growth, it doesn't really have any roots!   This was pointed out to me by a customer not too long ago, and I was frankly pretty surprised. Not sure what to make of it, but I have a number of good sized plants in my terrariums that I've gotten going from relatively small cuttings, and honestly I'd say that this plant establishes much easier than it's reputation would have you believe.  

 Once settled this demanding princess is still prone to occasional temper tantrums as it can drop it's leaves for apparently no reason. But overall this bad rep is over blown, while I have had some plants fail to establish, for the most part they have done well for me, and above all it is worth the risk and effort to get this plant established in your tank.  

For sale will be a potted plant with several leaves, (much like the pictured plant) which has been growing in the pot it will be shipped in for around six to ten weeks.  

Plant Shipping info! 

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