Blue form D. auratus Half GrownBlue form D. auratus Half Grown

Blue form D. auratus Half Grown

Ok, so this is an under rated frog for sure, gorgeous, easy to keep, and quite bold!  Look at that glowing blue color!  These things are absolutely striking, I think.  I had a pretty lackluster photo of these on the site and just upgraded it...believe me this photo is much more representative. A few of these slipped by me (juveniles that got lost in the inventory and didn't sell as juveniles), and grew well past the "juvenile" size.  These are sweet and ready for the terrarium, buy three or four and you'll have a high chance of gettting a breeding group in just a few months! 
About the frogs.....Many years ago I offered  blue auratus on this site, they were beautiful frogs with dark blue markings. Unfortunately they were quite shy, and I often talked customers out of them, since I hated to see beginners especially get such a shy frog. Anyway...the good news is that these are different!  Just as nice looking, but much bolder!  While still not as outgoing as a Costa Rican Green and Black, they are pretty close, or at least my group is.  
Most likely these are originally from Panama, and care and breeding will be like any other auratus. Definitely recommended! 
We provide a bit more detailed information about auratus in general here
You can also read about breeding these dart frogs here.
While the caresheet at this link deals specifically with tinctorius, the same general techniques apply!
Please do not order dart frogs without becoming familiar with their care. We provide full care instructions on the Dart Frog Care Sheets page, if you are a beginner with dart frogs, please read through this information, and feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help.
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