Cinnamon Tree Frog, Juveniles

Cinnamon Tree Frog, Juveniles

The Cinnamon Tree frog (Nyctixalus pictus, or to be completely correct, Theloderma pictus, as they have recently been re-classified)  first came to my attention a few years ago(I was looking at my records and actually I've been breeding them for over ten years...time flies!), and I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful frogs with the white spots, and the remarkable red color on the body.

The color red is always a treat in a frog, and these guys have many other remarkable traits to back that up. For starters they have a wonderful call, a melodic peep peep peep call that ends on a rising note.  I'll try to post some sound files!  They lay eggs that are stuck to wood or other tank furniture, and which are very similar to the eggs of the Vietnamese mossy frogs.  These are a very uncommon frog, and I'd definitely like to see more people out there working with them.  A note on their color, these frogs vary from one time of day to another, and often during the day the red color tends to be a more light color, with the most intense coloration occuring at night.  

Cinnamon Frogs hail from the rainforests of Malaysia, and are tree hole breeders, meaning the eggs and tadpoles are found in tree hollows both rotted and alive.  While in most cases they are found at ground level, its a safe bet that they may breed at higher levels of the forest.  While doing some research for an article I wrote a few years back, I spoke to a researcher in Malaysia who told me that he was unaware of any researcher or other western scientist who had ever seen one of the frogs in the day time.  Obviously very little is known of the frogs in their native habitat!

Easy to keep and breed, these small tree frogs are very cool and unusual!!

See the link below for more information on these frogs-


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