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Conditions & Guarantees

Saurian Enterprises offers top quality merchandise and as such guarantees your complete satisfaction with any and all merchandise we offer. You may return any items that are not to your satisfaction, for a complete refund, provided the item is still in new condition, and accompanied by any accessories. Cost for shipping is refunded at our discretion. Special terms apply to animal shipments, For our live animal guarantee, see our specific guarantee for them.
Special terms also apply to fruit flies and plants, which are perishable and can be easily damaged in shipment, by temperatures which exceed the terms of our guarantee, as stated below.
We guarantee live arrival of your fruit fly cultures, when shipped in conditions within our guidelines. While flies in the cup may be dead on arrival, the culture is guaranteed to contain viable pupae and larvae if temperatures at both shipping and receiving end are above 20 degrees (night time low temps) and below 82 (day time high temp). If in doubt, please check my weather here in St. Louis Missouri, 63006, as well as your own. I will ship orders received regardless of weather unless instructed otherwise, and in the event that conditions are outside those set out above, no live arrival is guaranteed. Generally speaking, winter conditions are fairly easily dealt with, by including a heat pack, and under normal handling of the box by the shipper, fly shipments arrive alive in temperatures into the teens.
Summer heat is a bit more difficult to deal with, as ice or cool packs quickly thaw or warm up, and when second day delivery is used, the cool packs are long warmed up by the time the order is on the truck and out for delivery to you. For that reason we do not use cool packs with fruit flies. Our strong recommendation for fruit fly orders shipped into warm conditions, is to have them held for pick up at a local Fed Ex Kinkos, Fed Ex counter. A business location is a good second choice. This will greatly shorten the most hazardous part of the trip, the trip to your location by truck, from your local airport. Plants are covered by a similar guarantee, we do not recommend (nor will we guarantee) shipment of plants to locations above 90 degrees, or below 25 degrees. It is difficult to heat a shipment of plants with heat packs, but we will do our best.
Frog and lizard shipments are covered by our live arrival guarantee. We will only ship live animals under conditions which allow us to offer our complete live arrival guarantee. See the "Animal Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee" link for more on this!