"Oyapok" Dendrobates tinctorius sexed pair"Oyapok" Dendrobates tinctorius sexed pair

"Oyapok" Dendrobates tinctorius sexed pair

This is one of those classic locales of tinctorius, these have been around in the hobby for at least thirty years, but they have never been particularly common. Another smaller form, these are similar in size to the French Guiana Dwarf Cobalts.  If you like that paler blue and the white markings, these are the frogs for you....I have a hard time thinking of another dart frog species with this much white coloration on the body.  
While small, they are still tinctorius, so keep that in mind, they will do best when kept in pairs.  
Exact pair pictured. (Pair 1)
We provide a bit more detailed information about tinctorius in general here.
You can also read about breeding these dart frogs here.
Please do not order dart frogs without becoming familiar with their care. We provide full care instructions on the Dart Frog Care Sheets page, if you are a beginner with dart frogs, please read through this information, and feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help.
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