Phase 24 Phase Change pack, 4oz (10pk) FedEx 2nd Day included

Phase 24 Phase Change pack, 4oz (10pk) FedEx 2nd Day included

These Phase 24 packs help to control temps in your shipping box at a reasonable price. Standard phase 22 packs are designed to undergo the melting or freezing (phase change) at 72 degrees, (or 22 celsius), whereas ours melt at 76 degrees, or 24 celsius...thus Phase 24.  

At about $2 each, these offer a flexible and affordable way to give your shipments a safety buffer.  Use one for small shipments, two or three for larger shipments.   

For summer shipping, place them in the fridge a couple of hours before shipping to get them cool.  For winter shipping you can place them in some warm water (around 80 degrees F) and make sure they are melted before use.  

If you are interested, the basic principle of these packs is that a set amount of energy is either released or absorbed when the pack temperature changes.  So, if this temperature change is from 69 degrees to 70 degrees, it takes "X" amount of energy to go that one degree, that is the pack absorbs that amount of energy.  This is a constant amount for each degree, until it reaches the phase change temperature. At the phase change temperature, (76 degrees in this case) the pack takes a significantly larger amount of energy (or it absorbs a larger amount), say 10 x "X".  This larger amount of energy is taken up as the molecular bonds between the ice(or solid state)  break up and the ice becomes liquid.  This makes the pack an excellent heat absorber if you want your container to stay around 76 degrees.  The same effect takes place as the pack goes from the liquid state to the frozen or solid state, it releases this same energy as the molecular bonds are broken, which helps to keep the box warm as temps fall outside.  This is the same way water works, except the phase change occurs at 32 degrees. 

This item is for ten Phase 24 packs, and the price includes FedEx 2nd Day Flat rate shipping.  

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