Solomon Isles Leaf Frog, Third Grown! Solomon Isles Leaf Frog, Third Grown!

Solomon Isles Leaf Frog, Third Grown!

Solomon Isle Leaf frogs are one of the more unusual frogs in the hobby, in particular their method of reproduction is, I believe, unique amongst frogs in the herp hobby in the US, in that they lay eggs in a shallow pit and the eggs develop directly into tiny frogs, which hatch out after 40 or 50 days.  
I've been working with and breeding these frogs since around 2000, in fact I think I may have been the first to regularly breed them and offer them to the hobby!  Leaf frogs are fairly easy to keep and simple to breed.  The primary requirement is a warm humid terrarium with a three or four inch layer of organic substrate.  Temps in the upper seventies to low eighties are preferred, and high humidity, achieved both by misting and sealing much of the lid so that dry household air does not get into the tank.  
Feeding regularly with dusted crickets is adequate for diet, although they will eat a wide variety of other feeders, in fact anything that will fit in their mouths is fair game.  
One thing to be aware of, males of this frog do have a loud call, and they will call for several hours per night in many cases! You've been warned!  
While most of the leaf frogs we produce are a soft yellow coloration when they ship out, that isn't the end of the story.  Solomon Isle leaf frogs can undergo unusual and unexpected color changes as they mature, so don't be surprised if they take on a different appearance at some point.  Possible colors include pale greens, soft yellow, bright yellow, brown and even orange.  
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