Armadillidium klugii dubrovnik Red Phase (10) Armadillidium klugii dubrovnik Red Phase (10) Armadillidium klugii dubrovnik Red Phase (10) Armadillidium klugii dubrovnik Red Phase (10)

Armadillidium klugii dubrovnik Red Phase (10)

Montenegro Clowns on steroids?  Pretty much...more white dots, brighter orange/red skirts and markings, and overall more consistent bright coloration. More good news...these red phase Dubrovniks are just as easy to keep as the other Armadillidium klugii species, which is to say, they are super easy to keep and breed!   

Just in case you are confused, there are several different forms of the species Armadillidium klugii. A. klugii inhabits a long contiguous stretch along the Adriatic Sea in Europe. This region is sometimes called the Balkans, or Croatia, and was once a country called Yugoslavia.  Enough history and geography, now to the isopods!  First and most common in the isopod keeping hobby are the form found in Montenegro, at the southern end of A.klugii's range. "Clowns" is a nickname for these isopods.  Next would be Dubrovnik, which is a seaside city in Croatia, just north of Montenegro.  Armadillidium klugii Dubrovnik are characterized by a dark pereon (back or segments) and orange skirts, as well as prominent white spots, and sometimes a few yellow spots.  Dubrovnik "High Red" or "Red Phase" are a variant of the Dubrovniks. These have been selectively bred from the Dubrovnik population.   To me the most notable difference in the High Reds is that the dark areas of the pereon are brighter and lighter in color, and tend to be more of a brownish orange color.  In addition the red/orange skirts tend to run up the segments onto the back more frequently than in the standard Dubrovnik locale.  There is at least one further A. klugii form in the hobby, they are called "Pudding" and are much paler then the previously discussed forms of A. klugii. I'm not sure where they might originally be found in the wild.  Ok, well I thought it might be helpful to spell this out,  as a somewhat new isopod keeper, I found it a little confusing trying to keep all the A. klugii seperated! 

Whatever the case, these Armadillidium klugii Dubrovnik High Red Phase are super nice!  

This offer is for 10 half grown isopods.   

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