Armadillidium sp. "Spotted Albania" 10Armadillidium sp. "Spotted Albania" 10Armadillidium sp. "Spotted Albania" 10

Armadillidium sp. "Spotted Albania" 10

I thought these isopods were unusual and interesting when I first saw them, with lots of fine bright yellow spotting, as well as varied colorations on them, ranging from charcoal grey to a rich dark chocolate red. Once I got them home, and started really looking at them in some strong lights, I was blown away...these are really attractive if you look closely, and quite variable from one to another. While it is noted that they are sexually dimorphic...males are dark grey while females are an attractive reddish color, it is not always clear which gender a particular isopod is.  Certainly many are easily the charcoal grey and many are the reddish form...but the intermediates are hard to say!   Easy keepers with no special demands that I've noted.  

Typical care, moderate to fast reproduction. 

10 Juveniles to half grown, will make sure to include some of each color form. 

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