Available Cuttings And Ferns

Here we offer cuttings from some of our plants. In general these will be tank grown (as in, with dart or tree frogs), although not always. Ask for details if you are interested or concerned about this aspect of the plants available. Usually these plants are ones we have had little trouble rooting and establishing from cuttings.
Please note, there is currently a plant craze of sorts going on. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that more of my plants are being posted on Ebay than in my webstore here. Finding that plants I was selling for $30 a few months ago are selling for $200 on Ebay was a bit of a revelation...So, inventory in the store is a bit sparse.


Philodendron verrucosum "Purple"
Out of stock
Philodendron camposportoanum
Out of stock
Philodendron micans
Out of stock
Pyrrosia christii
Out of stock
Ficus radicans
save 17%
Dischidia ovata cutting
save 20%