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Commercial Exhibits

In addition to our line of mid size Rainforest Terrariums oriented to home and offices, we also offer a complete line of exhibit fabrication for zoos, museums and other institutions. Our specialty is creating stunning terrariums which capture a larger slice of the rainforest within curving acrylic walls.
A good example of the sort of exhibits we offer is the tree buttress tank pictured below. This terrarium features a large tree stump with sprawling buttress roots, which flow across the floor of the tank, and through the glass, continuing down the sides of the stand.  A large water feature around the front of the tank will accommodate smaller fish species, and the stand conceals a large sump and filter with a powerful pump, which will ensure that water quality is kept high.
These museum quality exhibits are built of long lasting materials, which are realistic in texture, color and shape.  Our many years of keeping Dart Frogs, along with many other tropical anurans and lizards, means that we are able to design these enclosures with the needs of these animals kept closely in mind.
Zoo professionals working with these exhibits will find they are made with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind, the large side doors allow access to all areas of the tank, and the sump and pump are easily accessible through the front opening door or drawer in the stand.  The terrariums incorporate misting systems, ventilation systems and a high output compact fluorescent lighting system.
A wide variety of designs are possible, everything from single larger exhibits, to groups of smaller exhibits built into a false wall, with interpretive materials on the walls.  We can also provide temporary exhibits, both single units, or groups of terrariums exploring a rainforest theme.  Please contact us for more information!   

Completed Exhibits

Tree Buttress tank for John Ball Zoo

Terrarium for local St Louis office space