Ficus villosa Cutting

Ficus villosa Cutting

Ficus villosa is a fairly rare terrarium vine, characterized by extremely hairy leaves.  It tends to grow in a "shingling" fashion if given a suitable surface to grow up.  Leaves are medium sized, running around 2 inches wide in the terrariums I have it growing in.  Moderate growth, and slow getting started, but once it does get started it is a steady grower.  Does great in terrrariums!  

Ficus villosa originates in the rainforests of Asia, and loves lots of humidity and warm growing conditions. 

Growth tip cutting with two leaves or more.  Note that this plant (especially as a cutting) is extremely vulnerable to low humidity levels. It must be planted into a moss or other moist substrate and placed into a terrarium or cloche, or similar high humidity enviroment or it will quickly (within hours) shrivel and die. 


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