Ranitomeya imitator "Tarapoto"

What a gorgeous little imitator form! Color varies from a bright metallic orange to a duller orange netting. There is also a melanistic form that has popped up here in our breeding program. These black thumbnail frogs are unique in the dart frog hobby, and beautiful in their own way.

A little closer in on the developing egg. These are about six days old.

Here is a good shot of a developing Tarapoto egg. Note the lack of pigment!

These black Tarapoto keep popping up in our offspring here. The newly morphed babies look a little subdued, but as they age they turn black. Note the faint pattern visible....reminds one of a black jaguar. Too bad its not a leopard gecko, I'd be rich!
Synonyms Locality
none Mountains around town of Tarapoto in Peru, San Martin district.
Temps Humidity Terrarium Preferences
Mid seventies to around eighty Like most thumbnail frogs, these frogs like very high humidity, and breeding and visibility will be greatly enhanced if the humidity is high Fine in ten to twenty gallon tanks. Height not particularly important, these frogs will forage on the floor of the tank, and use upper parts of the tank for breeding.
Size Visibility in the tank Groups of these compatible
about the same size as other imitator type frogs, around ¾ inch. Males slightly smaller and slimmer than females. moderately shy, with a couple of activity periods each day, particularly around dusk and dawn, when they are more visible. Like most imitators, they seem to be problematic in groups. Definitely for beginners its better to set up a pair of these in a smaller tank, or, if you want to try a group, use a larger tank, say thirty gallon or so for four.
Experience Level Compatible with other species?
Intermediate in general, but beginner for thumbnails Not really recommended, especially for beginners. However in theory they could easily be kept with a more terrestrial larger species, such as D. azureus. Keep in mind that in a larger tank it may be more difficult to observe the frogs.
Breeding Status in Hobby
This form seems a little more reluctant to breed than the standard imitators. However once they get started, they can be fairly prolific, with clutches of two to four eggs laid on leaves and bromeliad axils. The eggs of this frog are unusually light colored, an off white, which continues through out the development of the egg. Not uncommon, however with all the new forms of thumbnails available in the market, it may be in some danger of falling by the wayside.
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