Dendrobates auratus "Blue"

One of the most popular forms of auratus, these make up for their fairly shy nature by being so beautiful! As with most auratus, they are pretty easy to breed, and usually do well in small groups.

Photo by Deep Green Photography

blue auratus, blue and blacks Eastern Panama. There are probably multiple localities for blue auratus.
Terrarium Preferences
Upper seventies to low eighties High Terrestrial frogs, but will climb.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
Up to about 1.75 inches Fairly shy Yes, should be ok with other species if not crowded
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
Beginner Yes, do well in groups as long as they are not overcrowded. Keep up to two to a ten gallon, three or four to a twenty tall or five or six to a forty gallon tank.
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
While best results will probably be achieved in pairs, this frog often can be bred very well in groups. Using a group setting to sex them is also helpful. Set up a group, and allow them to pair off with each other. Separate pairs if desired, or if breeding is not successful. Stable and fairly common.
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