Ranitomeya fantasticus “Fantasticus”

A gorgeous larger thumbnail frog, with a unmistakable crown on the reddish orange head. Unfortunately this frog is generally very shy, and may not be a very rewarding species for someone who hopes to see a lot of their frogs. On the other hand, they are often very visible during courtship, and even breeding.


Red Headed Dart frog Eastern foothills of Andes Mts., Peru
Terrarium Preferences
Mid to upper seventies High Well planted tanks are a requirement for this frog, as it will easily stress out in a sparsely planted tank. Fifteen gallon or twenty tall is probably a good choice.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
One of the larger thumbnail species, 3/4 th inch to 1 inch, 20 to 25 mm Very shy, although if you set up egg laying sites somewhere that you can see them, they will often court and lay eggs in full view While some success can be had with this species in groups, the safest approach is to keep this species in pairs. See thumbnail care sheet for more discussion of this.
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
This is a delicate frog and easily stressed. Advanced keepers only! Most often kept by themselves, but experienced keepers might try keeping them in tanks with larger species. Allow plenty of room.
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
Breeding is very similar to D. imitator, but eggs and tadpoles are usually considerably more delicate. Fairly widespread, and in many collections, but not as numerous as the most other thumbnails, and difficulty in breeding seems to keep them from expanding their foothold. Not a great diversity of bloodlines.
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