Ranitomeya imitator intermedius

Very similar in every way to the “green” imitators, these guys are a bright orange red color, and a little more variable in pattern than the standard imitator. They also typically have more black on them than the standard imitators, but otherwise they are basically the same frog, which is good as it means they are also a great thumbnail for those that are trying thumbnails for the first time.


Sometimes called red imitator Eastern foothills of Andes Mts., Peru
Terrarium Preferences
Mid to u pper seventies High Not particular, ten gallons, tall ten gallons, and fifteen gallons are all good for a pair. This species will climb if given a taller tank.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
Up to about ¾ inch, 15 to 20 mm Relatively bold and outgoing, two to three activity periods during day. While some success can be had with this species in groups, the safest approach is to keep this species in pairs. See thumbnail caresheet for more discussion of this.
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
Intermediate in general, but beginner for thumbnails Yes, should be okay with other species if not crowded
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
Easily bred thumbnail species. Clutches of two to four eggs are laid in a variety of spots around the tank. Glass tank walls and leaves are favorite laying sites. Parents will raise tadpoles if eggs not collected. Stable and common. Not a great diversity of bloodlines, at this point about six different bloodlines are in the US hobby.
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This tadpole is already showing the beautiful adult coloration