Ranitomeya ventrimaculatus “Golden”

I have kept this frog for years, and referred to them as “Peruvian Vents” since the person I got them from knew the person who had collected them, and they were collected in Peru. They differ from standard vents in having a slightly different shade to the striping on the back, more of a coppery color rather than yellow, and the blue legs were usually brighter than the standard vents. They are also slightly larger than standard vents.

Recently they have been informally reclassified as “amazonicus” which is itself still an informal classification.


Golden Amazonicus, Peruvian Vents Eastern foothills of Andes Mts. Peru
Terrarium Preferences
Mid to u pper seventies High No special requirements, ten gallons, ten gallon talls, fifteen gallon or twenty tall tanks all make good choices, but well planted tanks are one of the keys to seeing more of these frogs.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
One of the larger thumbnail species, 3/4 th inch to 1 inch, 20 to 25 mm Moderately shy This frog seems to do well in small groups, and I have had at least one trio do well for me. However most of the negative results predicted for the other thumbnail frogs in group settings are possible with the vents, particularly in smaller tanks, so use caution and watch them closely.
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
Intermediate Most often kept by themselves, but experienced keepers might try keeping them in tanks with larger species. Allow plenty of room.
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
Eggs are laid just under the water line in film canisters or in bromeliad axils. Best bred in pairs, although I have had very good luck with 1.2 groups also. A fairly rare thumbnail frog. The only bloodline of this frog that I know of was brought into the US, from Peru, as tadpoles, in the late 90's.
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