Ranitomeya ventrimaculatus “Grey Leg form”

This is a confusing little cluster of frog forms and potential subspecies. Just as the “imitator” group of frogs all share a similar breeding strategy and method, so do the frogs of this group. In general frogs of this group lay larger clutches of eggs, which are deposited at the edge of small bodies of water, typically bromeliad axils, or film canisters in the terrarium. Frogs that fall into this group include all the various ventrimaculatus frogs, D. amazonicus forms, and D. variablis.


As is typical of many dart frogs, this group seems to have split into a myriad of species, subspecies, and forms. Every valley has its own variant it seems, and its not easy keeping them separate. To make matters even more confusing, one form of ventrimaculatus has shown up all the way on the eastern edge of the South American continent, in French Guiana. This was one of the first thumbnail frogs in the hobby, and in fact most ventrimaculatus in the US hobby are from this locality.

These French Guianan frogs are painted in with the typical “y” pattern on the back, and the stripes are narrow and a gold yellow. The legs are grey or light blue. This is one of the most easily kept thumbnail frogs, and breeds readily.
French Guiana vents French Guiana
Terrarium Preferences
Upper seventies to low eighties High Terrestrial frogs, but will climb No special requirements, ten gallons, ten gallon talls, fifteen gallon or twenty tall tanks all make good choices.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
Mid size thumbnails, with females becoming quite fat in some cases. Up to 3/4 inch Different keepers report different results. In my experience they can be very shy, but some report that they are pretty bold. Give them plenty of hiding spots and you may be able to watch them This frog seems to do well in small groups, and I have had at least one trio do well for me. However most of the negative results predicted for the other thumbnail frogs in group settings are possible with the vents, particularly in smaller tanks, so use caution and watch them closely.
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
This is a great entry level thumbnail frog, quite durable and easy to keep Most often kept by themselves, but experienced keepers might try keeping them in tanks with larger species. Allow plenty of room.
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
Fairly easy to breed. Females become very broad and bloated with eggs. Eggs are laid just under the water line in film canisters or in bromeliad axils. Fairly widespread, and in many collections, but not as numerous as the most other thumbnails, and difficulty in breeding seems to keep them from expanding their foothold. Not a great diversity of bloodlines.
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