Species List

Over the past twenty years or so, there have been a multitude of “dart frog morph guides” posted on websites.  Most of these have been European, and in many cases have offered amazing photos and descriptions of various morphs and species of poison dart frogs.  Unfortunately many of the best of these are no longer up.  This dart frog morph guide is not as complete as many of these, but represents frogs we have kept here. 

Dart frogs, or poison dart frogs, is the name used in general for a family consisting of several hundred different species and locality specific types of dart frogs, known as “morphs”.  Poison dart frogs occur across a large range throughout Central and South America. 

Below we offer a bit of specific information on a number of dart frogs that are common in our hobby today, or have been commonly bred in captivity at one point or another.  These dart frogs are described with their locality where available, and care notes.  Please feel free to offer additional information if you have it.