Phyllobates aurotaenia

These frogs entered the US hobby about the same time the first terribilis did. They attracted a bit of attention at first, but P. aurotaenia have always been a “minor” player, along with the other small Phyllobates, but they are all fascinating. Aurotaenia occur in two or three different color forms and variants, primarily orange and green, with the orange form being found in a “wide stripe” and “narrow stripe” form. The green form seems to be the most common form in the hobby today.

Although they can be a little shy, they are recommended as tankmates for some other bolder frogs, and will do fine in a tank with a pair of D. azureus or something similar. At around one inch in length, several can be kept together. These frogs, as with all Phyllobates, can be quite prolific, and will lay clutches of 15 to 25 eggs at a time.

More general terms are often used for this frog. Western Columbia
Terrarium Preferences
low to mid seventies High Primarily a terrestrial frog, but will climb more than the larger Phyllobates.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
about 1 inch A very bold frog Yes, this frog does well in groups.
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
Beginner. Yes, should be ok with other species if not crowded
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
While best results will probably be achieved in pairs, this frog often can be bred very well in groups. The green form is currently fairly well established in the hobby, other color forms are less well established, if they are still in this country.
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