Dendrobates tinctorius "French Guiana Cobalt"

This is one of at least three “dwarf” forms of tinctorius, the other two being the “Oyapock” and “Lorenzo”. These frogs are typically highly sexually dimorphic, with adult females being quite a bit larger than males. This might be the ideal starter tinctorius form, as they are very hardy, and extremely easy to breed. They just don't seem to stop laying eggs! However the froglets are a bit small, so they are a bit more delicate than some other baby dart frogs, but if you can baby them for a few weeks, they should be fine.

This form is easily distinguished from the other forms of cobalts, by several features. First as adults they are a good bit smaller than other cobalts. Second, the pattern is different from the other two cobalts, in that the yellow or cream color on the head and flanks is more of a pinstriping, rather than the cap of yellow and thicker lines that occur on the other tinctorius forms. There does seem to be some variation in color of the yellow, with some populations being bright yellow and others more subdued.

Dwarf cobalt French Guiana
Terrarium Preferences
Low to mid Seventies High Almost exclusively terrestrial, recommend terrarium of 10 gallon tall size minimum for a pair.
Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
Up to about 1.5 inches Quite bold and active No, unless tank over 75 gallons
Experience Level
Compatible with other species?
Beginner. The easiest tinctorius, but problems still can arise if kept in groups of tincs and azureus. Yes, should be ok with other species if not crowded (except D. azureus)
Breeding :
Status in Hobby
Best done in pairs, very easy to breed. Typically extremely prolific. Once this was “the” D. tinctorius form available. No longer common, but still fairly easily found.
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