Hole Saw, 2 & 1/8th"

Hole Saw, 2 & 1/8th"

Ventilating your Isopods culture container is a small challenge, there are a variety of approaches, but if you are installing our premade vents, this is the ticket!  This is the complete hole saw (more "advanced" hole saws involve an arbor, the part that holds the blade and goes into the drill, and the round blade), so all you need is a drill and this hole saw and you can make all the holes you will need in your polypropolene sweater or shoe boxes.  

Drilling these holes is a little tricky, and you'll want to go slowly. My advice is to put a piece of wood below the wall of the plastic container you are using to back up the plastic and help keep it from cracking.  The center bit of the hole saw will penetrate the plastic, then as the ring of the hole saw touches the plastic, keep it level and go slowly but keep going.  

Then, if you are using the vents we provide, flip out the tabs on the sides of the vents and slip them into place.  If the substrate will be touching the vents, lining the hole opening with something like electric tape is a good idea to close the small gap there. Alternatively you can apply a bead of silicone caulk on the outside of the box and place the vent into the hole.  The silicone will not form a true bond with the polypropolene but will fill the gaps and be held in place by the tabs on the vent.  

We've used these in all of our cultures with great success! 

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