Isopod substrate (FedEx 2Day Flat Rate shipping)Isopod substrate (FedEx 2Day Flat Rate shipping)

Isopod substrate (FedEx 2Day Flat Rate shipping)

Our Isopod substrate is a pre-moistened mix of peat moss, compost, leaves and other organic materials.  One gallon of our high quality substrate should be enough for two or three small colonies (shoe box size containers) or one sweater box size container. 

This substrate is a complete mix for Isopods.  Moisten or dry according to the care needs of the individual species you are housing on the substrate.  While additional foods are recommended, this substrate contains lots of edible organic ingredients which will provide nutrients for your Isopods! 

This product ships with our FedEx Second Day Flat Rate shipping for $10 (included in the price).  This is a stand alone product, no other items ship with this product.  If you want to purchase your substrate with other items,  go back to the product list and choose the other Isopod Substrate offering. 

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