Live Oak Leaf Litter, 1 Gallon bag (FedEx 2Day Flat Rate shipping)

Live Oak Leaf Litter, 1 Gallon bag (FedEx 2Day Flat Rate shipping)

This version of this product ships by itself in a Second Day FedEx Box.  The price of shipping is included in the price of this item and nothing else can ship with it.  

This live oak leaf litter is the best product of its kind.  By that I mean, I am picky about my terrarium leaves!  Over the years I've been sent a variety of different oak leaves masquerading as "live oak".  These "inferior" leaves are flat, and do not have the body that these leaves do.  True live oak leaves are generally cup shaped (if turned upside down they hold a teaspoon of water or so) and very stiff.  This stiff texture makes for a long lasting substrate, and these leaves take months to break down in even the wettest of terrariums.  Some other oak leaves break down in just a few weeks. 

While these leaves do not do much in terms of hide spots, they do a great job as decorative items and as they do break down, the isopod and springtail population will enjoy them. 

In addition these have a shape that is more closely identified as a "tropical" type leaf shape.  Overall there are many suitable leaves out there, for use in the bio-active or naturalistic terrarium but these are the best I've seen, in the smaller size range.  

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