Oophaga pumilio, Yellow BastimentosOophaga pumilio, Yellow BastimentosOophaga pumilio, Yellow BastimentosOophaga pumilio, Yellow Bastimentos

Oophaga pumilio, Yellow Bastimentos

This "Yellow" Bastimentos sub adult is so nice!  This population is poorly known, but it seems to be distinct from Cemetery, as it is smaller, like Red Frog Beach.  However the pattern is similar to Cemetery Bastis, with most frogs having the elongated or larger spots.  Coloration varies from brownish yellow to bright yellow, greenish yellow to pale yellow.  I had frogs that I believe were this same population back in the 90s, and while I'm not sure, I think it is possible that these frogs are the founders of the frogs being bred in this country now.  

The parents photo is included in this slideshow, while I can't guarantee anything, I've found that juvenile pumilio of this form, like a few other forms of pumilio, tend to change appearance as they age, and I would not be surprised if these offspring turn out to look much like the parents.  

At this point I have three offspring available.  They are not sexable, although they are large enough to be close!  

The frog pictured is the exact frog you will receive. 


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