Philodendron verrucosum "Purple" CuttingPhilodendron verrucosum "Purple" Cutting

Philodendron verrucosum "Purple" Cutting

A new form of P. verrucosum!  At least it is new for me! I was excited to be able to obtain a nice cutting of this last summer, and so far it has done very well for me.  This is another dwarf form, and the main thing that seems to set it apart from the other forms of verrucosum I keep here is its color, it tends towards a darker bluish color.  Emerging leaves still sport the beautiful reddish orange markings as you can see in the photos, but the mature leaves are noticably darker than regular verrucosum.  I've noted that some of the leaves do tend to turn a little brighter, but these were usually leaves that got pretty close to high light areas, if kept in fairly subdued lighting, or further from the lights, the color tends to stay darker. 

It does seem to grow a bit more slowly than normal verrucosum, but it is pretty steady for me in terrarium settings, producing a leaf a month or so.  As far as its dwarf status goes, I've had it for several months now, and it is clearly smaller than the normal dwarf form of verrucosum, staying around 3 inches in my tanks.  

For the moment I'll be offering cuttings, which will be three leaves or two leaves and a leaf unfurling.  All of my experience with it so far indicates that it should be an easy plant to get started, as long as the below guidelines are followed! 

Please be aware that this is not a "house plant".  P. verrucosum requires fairly high humidity, and will not do well at all in normal household humidity, so some sort of enclosure or humidified space will be required.  


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