Philodendrons and Vines

Browse here for our collection of Philodendrons and other terrarium worthy vines!  

Please note, there is currently a plant craze of sorts going on.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that more of my plants are being posted on Ebay than in my webstore here.  Finding that plants I was selling for $30 a few months ago are selling for $200 on Ebay was a bit of a revelation...So, inventory in the store is a bit sparse. Feel free to contact me if you would like to buy something that is out of stock, I will quote you the latest price based on recent ebay sales if you are interested.  


Rhaphidophora cryptantha mount
Out of stock
Philodendron hebetatum
Out of stock
Philodendron "Peach Tunnel"
save 11%
Philodendron sp. "Condor"
save 10%
Philodendron verrucosum
Out of stock
Philodendron verrucosum "Purple"
Out of stock
Philodendron brandtianum
Out of stock
Philodendron hastatum
save 17%
Out of stock