Phyllobates vittatus juveniles

Phyllobates vittatus juveniles

Phyllobates vittatus has been a staple of the dart frog hobby for as long as there has been a hobby in this country!  These colorful little frogs are a lot of fun, but do suffer from being fairly shy.  As adults they reach about an inch and half in length, thus what I'd call a mid size dart frog.  This frog will do well in groups and also "plays well with others".  

Vittatus originate in Costa Rica, and like other members of the Phyllobates family, in the wild these frogs are fairly poisonous. This poison is only produced by wild frogs, and captive bred frogs produce no poisons at all. 

As is the case with all Phyllobates species, they can eat larger foods and as adults will easily eat quarter inch crickets! These frogs are easy to keep and breed, and thus highly recommended as entry level frogs! 

For sale are some well established juveniles that a hobbyist sent me. I've had them several weeks and they are growing well! 


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