Ranitomeya amazonicus "Iquitos"

Ranitomeya amazonicus "Iquitos"

Ranitomeya amazonicus are generally referred to as simply amazonicus, and this form is known by its locality name, Iquitos, in Peru. There are several locality forms of this species, which was once called "ventrimaculatus".  

Many dart frogs can be difficult in groups of more than just a pair, but this is one of those species that usually does very well in small groups, four or so together do well, more if you have a larger terrarium...3-4 can be kept in a 10 to 15 gallon tank, or 5-8 in a larger tank like an 18 by 18 by 24.  While they are not especially bold, they are active and visible for periods throughout the day.  Beautiful frogs, easy to keep and reasonably easy to breed. 

Amazonicus are like variabilis, in that they have a unique breeding method, for dart frogs, usually laying their eggs at the water line in a pool of water, in a bromeliad or some other spot in the tank....clutches of 6 to 10 eggs are typical!   Tadpoles are sometimes difficult, but once you get this species going, they can be very prolific.    

We provide a bit more detailed information about this frog on our  Dart Frog Species Profile page for this species, here.

Please do not order dart frogs without becoming familiar with their care. We provide full care instructions on the Thumbnail Dart Frog Care Sheet page, if you are a beginner with dart frogs, please read through this information, and feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help.
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