Red  A. galactonotus

Red A. galactonotus

The Red form of galactonotus are one of the more sought after terrestrial dart frogs.  These frogs are somewhat shy, but as adults they are out and about quite often.  Of course one of the reasons these are so popular and sought after is the fact that they are red!  The deep red color of these frogs is truly beautiful, and very uncommon, I cannot think of another frog with this red coloration.  
While it is fair to describe them as terrestrial, they do generally climb in the terrarium, and will explore all over in the tank.  As discussed in other spots on the site, (see the species page linked below) these frogs seem to require a small group to breed.  I've heard of people breeding galacs in pairs, particularly the yellow form, but it has never worked out for me.  
These frogs in particular seem to be fairly seasonal, and will be bolder and more likely to lay eggs during their "season".  However I'd be at a loss to say when that season is, or what seems to kick them off, they kind of set their own schedule.
The frogs offered here are nice size juveniles, the first of many that should be available through summer and fall of 2021.   
We provide a bit more detailed information about this frog on our  Dart Frog Species Profile page for this species, here.
Please do not order dart frogs without becoming familiar with their care. We provide full care instructions on the Dart Frog Care Sheets page, if you are a beginner with dart frogs, please read through this information, and feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help.
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