Stainless Steel Vents (20)Note tabs in side of vent, flip these out to lock into the tubfabric lining keeps flying bugs out and your isopods in

Stainless Steel Vents (20)

These 2 and 1/8th inch vents with fabric lining are perfect for a classy and easy way to ventilate your isopod cultures, also useful for a variety of other places in your hobby area. Gecko tubs, arachnids or other insects, anywhere you have been using the soldering iron or drilling dozens of tiny holes.  We use one of these in our lower ventilation requiring tubs and two of them in the tubs with isopods that require more ventilation. The fabric lining will prevent flying bugs from entering your cultures, and keep your isopods in.  This offer is for twenty stainless steel vents, 2 and 1/8th inch wide and lined with nylon fabric. 

If, after installing your vents, you find that the cultures are too dry you can place a bit of packing tape over the back of the vent to limit airflow.   As noted in the instructions for drilling the holes (found on the product description of the hole saw we offer) you may need to either use silicone caulk or electric tape to snug up the hole so the fit is perfect, although unless the vent is below the substrate you shouldn't need this.  

You'll need a 2 &1/8th inch hole saw to make the hole for the vent, and we offer those here as well if you do not already have one.  

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