Tiger Leg Monkey Frog (P. tomopterna) Tiger Leg Monkey Frog (P. tomopterna)

Tiger Leg Monkey Frog (P. tomopterna)

Tiger leg monkey frogs are the bomb, in my opinion! These frogs are the perfect size for most medium size terraria, such as the ExoTerra or ZooMed 18 x 18 x 24 inch terrariums.  Although they are about the same length as a redeye tree frog, these frogs have a long lean shape that results in a much smaller frog than redeyes. Rather than jumping about, like most tree frogs do to move around the terrarium,  they stalk about on long legs, with bold orange and black markings along their flanks.  These guys have the perfect combination of killer coloration and smaller size. 
This frog is fairly easy to keep, requiring a fair amount of ventilation, (about 30% or more of the lid should be open or free from a vapor barrier), and a "warm" room temperature will keep them happy (75-80).  If you are keeping them in a normal temperature home, you should probably add a small (25 watt) basking light that stays on a few hours during the day.  They probably won't be doing any basking but they will appreciate the extra heat! 
I use a feeding station with a lot of my frogs and depending on your setup, you might consider it with these.  
This offering is for frogs which are about one month out of the water, and I recommend that they be kept in something simple and small until they are a bit larger.  Please feel free to contact me for more info.  
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