Yellow Headed Day GeckoMom and one of her babiesThree juveniles watch cautiously

Yellow Headed Day Gecko

These captive bred Yellow Headed Day Geckos, aka Neon Day Geckos (Phelsuma klemmeri) are the cats meow!  Seriously, what more could you want in a terrarium animal, they have outrageous colors, cute appearance, personality, and they are fairly easy to care for.  This is a small gecko and really the most difficult aspect of keeping them is that they are small and flattened so you will need a tight fitting terrarium to keep them in. Geckos for sale are generally juveniles.  We don't sell hatchlings but the geckos may be smaller, however we may have hold backs or larger sizes available, generally for a little more money.  Let me know if you need to know sizes. 

In the terrarium they will need higher temps (provide a small wattage bulb for a basking spot) and a high output fluorescent lamp, or LED.  Their need for UV light is somewhat exaggerated I think, I've kept them for several years without providing a UV emitting bulb.  However supplementation of their food with calcium, vitamin d3 and other supplements is important.  We feed them dusted hydei fruit flies and Pangea type fruit food sources as well.  Keep a bowl of the fruit food in the tank and refresh it every three day or so.  Feed the bugs (small crickets will work as well) every day when available and fall back on the fruit when bugs are not available and you should be good as far as food goes.  Spray daily or twice a day, and when you cannot they will be fine for a couple of days.  These little guys are pretty tough!  

There is a bit more too caring for them than I am setting out here, they are an intermediate level gecko to keep,  and I definitely recommend that you do your homework (reading other caresheets or asking me if you need more help)  before getting these guys.  Geckos offered here are unsexed juveniles, unless otherwise noted (and priced accordingly).  Females can generally be kept together.  Males are harder to come by, but also are not usually agreeable when housed together.  I'd recommend getting a couple, or even a small group, and putting them in your terrarium.  As long as you have adequate space, the worst thing that can happen is that you wind up with two males, in which case there are plenty of ways to find a new home for an extra male.  We are available here to help you find another animal if you need an opposite sex gecko. 

Also let us know if you are interested in a terrarium kit crafted specially for this species(to modify an Exo-Terra or Zoo-Med glass tank), or even possibly a completed terrarium. 

In some cases our listed geckos may be a week or two from being shippable, we are producing them regularly and there may be some fluidity in terms of what we have posted for sale.  Please feel free to ask if you are in a rush or want to know exactly what the situation is.  In the event that we show "out of stock" you can always hit the "notify when back in stock" option and you'll be the first to know when we have more available.  

Geckos and other live animals ship via FedEx Priority Overnight service. The cost for this ($49) is automatically added to your cart.  We will contact you to discuss shipping, or feel free to add a note in the comments section as you place your order.  Regardless you will be notified before we ship your geckos.  All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy.  See the link here for more information on our shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee

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